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Please note that the fabrics used are very stretchy and may accommodate sizes slightly beyond what is shown here.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Golden Hour - warm honey orange with hints of tan and yellow 

Redwood - deep rusty brown with hints of tan and red

Cacao - warm earthy mix of deep brown tones with accents of red, tan and rust

Desert Rose - soft rose with hints of magenta and peach 

Aura Sunset - highly variable blend of purple, green and rust with accents of grey, white and pink.

Earthen Jewel - dances between deep teal and forest green with sky blue pop

Ocean Salt - deep teal with hints of green and blue

Sprout - light green with hints of lime, golden brown and dark green

Tourmaline - forest green with hints of sage green and sky blue. Fuchsia spotting may occur in this dye. 

Oracle - dusty lavender with hints of blue, pink and purple

Grounded Earth - royal purple with hints of magenta and brown . Fuchsia spotting may occur in this dye. 

Midnight - dark and dreamy mix of navy, grey, black and purple


PLEASE NOTE each item hand dyed to order and colors may vary slightly with each batch. Many items will shift colors between indoor and outdoor lighting making them super magical! Your item may not look exactly like what's shown in the examples here so please use the descriptions below for a better idea of each hue and be open minded! Your item will be truly one of a kind 💜 

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