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Earthshine Apparel utilizes high quality organic/sustainable fabrics and low-impact dyes to create conscious clothing that's made to raise your frequency and awaken your inner goddess. 

Each design is patterned by hand and field-tested to ensure maximum durability, comfort and functionality. I strive to make apparel that's both comfortable and stylish for any occasion, whether its frolicking at a festival, wandering in the forest, relaxing with yoga or spending time at home. I truly believe that there is an energy exchange that occurs when constructing clothing and I take extended measures to ensure that each item is created with love and pure intention that you can feel when you wear it. 



Earthshine Apparel was created by Devin Rose in 2018

and is inspired by the colors and comforts of the natural world.

I was taught to sew at a young age by my grandmother, who passed on the sewing machines that are used to produce each garment sold.

In high school, I was heavily involved in theatrical and historical costuming and received state-wide recognition in several garment construction competitions. That being said, I take great pride in the construction and durability of my apparel and aim to make items that will hold up through all of life's journeys. I draw inspiration from elements of historical fashion and strive to create items that fuse fantasy with comfort. 

I've always been fascinated by the natural environment and how I can make a positive impact towards our changing climate. I have my Bachelor's Degree in Geology and am currently working as a Hydrogeologist in Florida. When I began learning about the devastating environmental impacts of the fast fashion industry, I became greatly interested in how I could reduce my footprint by constructing apparel using only organic materials.

I design, sew, dye and assemble every item sold through my shop and

I strive to create clothing with comfort and functionality in mind. 


Hemp and Bamboo fabrics are not only better for the environment, but they're better for you!

These organic fabrics are antimicrobial, meaning they resist bacterial and mold growth and prevent odors. They also have thermo-regulating properties which mean they breathe well in the summer and keep you warm in the winter. Bamboo and hemp fabrics are hypoallergenic and are so soft and comfortable against the skin, making them perfect for those with sensitivities. Both fabrics have a strong durable fiber structure, meaning your garments will last for years with proper care! Unlike cotton fabrics, bamboo and hemp are biodegradable and are both grown without pesticides, making them a great choice for environmental sustainability. 


Earthshine Apparel practices mindful creation. Each item is hand dyed using low-impact procion dyes and conservation measures are taken to ensure minimal water and materials are wasted. All scrap fabric that is created during the construction process is collected and utilized, whether it be for packaging or to construct scrap-work pieces, in order to reduce as much waste as possible. 

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