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The JADE shrug is back! This listing is for MADE TO ORDER with an approximate turnaround of 6 - 8 weeks. The JADE shrug is handmade with organic bamboo jersey and features a cinch tie front closure with your choice of sleeves. This design is the perfect layering piece and pairs great with treehugger bralettes or any of the sleeveless lotus designs! 


If you have your bust measurement, please provide this in the comments section during checkout for a custom fit made just for you (measurements are not required - feel free to order by the size chart if you'd rather)


PLEASE NOTE each item hand dyed to order and colors may vary slightly with each batch. Many items will shift colors between indoor and outdoor lighting making them super magical! Your item may not look exactly like what's shown in the examples here so please use the descriptions below for a better idea of each hue and be open minded! Your item will be truly one of a kind 💜 Depending on the color chosen, some magenta/fuschia spots may be present. 


Color Options:

Desert Rose - soft rose with hints of magenta and peach 

Aura Sunset - highly variable blend of purple, green and rust with accents of grey, white and pink

Golden Hour - warm honey orange with hints of tan and yellow 

Redwood - deep rusty orange with hints of tan and redCacao - warm earthy mix of deep brown tones with accents of tan and rust

Sprout - light green with hints of lime, golden brown and dark green

Tourmaline - forest green with hints of sage green and sky blue. Fuschia spotting is common in this dye

Ocean Salt - vibrant teal with hints of green and blue

Earthen Jewel - NEW - deep teal with hints of navy and forest green and sky blue pop

Oracle - dusty lavender with hints of blue, pink and purple

Grounded Earth - royal purple with hints of magenta and brown . Fucshia spotting is common in this dye

Midnight - dark and dreamy mix of navy, grey, black and purple

Black - manufacturer dyed, solid black


Sleeve Options : 

Classic Long Sleeves - Fitted classic style long sleeves with a jersey foldover wrist cuff

Bell Sleeves - Wide flowy sleeves with a raw hem, perfect for witchy/elven/fairy vibes! 

Mini Bell Sleeves - just like the original bell sleeves, but smaller! A bit more practical 

Bishop Sleeves - Renaissance style billowing sleeves gathered at the wrist


Color in example photos is Aura Sunset

JADE shrug

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  • With proper care and love, your garments are guaranteed to last for years! Please carefully follow the care instructions provided herein as I am not responsible for damage caused by incorrect garment care. 

    In order to maximize the lifespan of your items, hand washing with natural soap/detergent is highly recommended. If a washing machine must be used, please launder with like colors. Choose gentle cycle with cold water only. 

    All items are best dried by laying flat as hanging items may cause stretching. If a dryer must be used, please tumble dry with no/low heat for best results. Using heat in the dryer may cause superficial damage to the fabric over long term use and is not recommended. 

    Procion dyes are used to color all fabrics and minimal fading may occur after multiple washes. It is recommended to launder your item alone during the first wash in case of color bleeding. 

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