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The PIXIE cinch skirt is back, now in BLACK! This listing is for CUSTOM ORDERS with a turnaround of approximately four weeks. 


The PIXIE cinch skirt is handmade with luxuriously soft BLACK bamboo french terry which is 100% organic and woven in the US. Featuring a mini skirt length, raw asymmetrical hem, adjustable cinch sides and o-ring hardware at the waist (one in front, one in back).

PIXIE cinch skirt - BLACK

Out of Stock
  • With proper care and love, your garments are guaranteed to last for years! Please carefully follow the care instructions provided herein as I am not responsible for damage caused by incorrect garment care. 

    In order to maximize the lifespan of your items, hand washing with natural soap/detergent is highly recommended. If a washing machine must be used, please launder with like colors. Choose gentle cycle with cold water only. 

    All items are best dried by laying flat as hanging certain items may cause stretching. If a dryer must be used, please tumble dry with no/low heat for best results. Using heat in the dryer may cause superficial damage to the fabric over long term use and is not recommended. 

    Procion dyes are used to color all fabrics and minimal fading may occur after multiple washes. It is recommended to launder your item by itself for the first wash in case of color bleeding. 

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