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Blockprints are back, baby! And now with more options for customization than ever!! Please be sure to read the ENTIRE LISTING prior to adding to your order!


Each piece is block printed with love using hand carved stamps. Please add one of these blockprint add-ons for each item in your order that you'd like printed. Some fading of the block printing ink is expected over time, however hand washing your item can help preserve the ink better.


Note that there will be an additonal 2 week wait time added to the approximate turnaround to account for ink curing time! If you have multiple items in your order and only one is printed, I'll try to prioritize your blockprinted piece so your items ship together sooner.


Keep in mind that the larger blockprint patterns need ample space and may not fit on smaller designs such as the treehugger bralette or willow crop. Darker colors such as midnight and grounded earth may not show the black blockprint ink as vibrantly as lighter colors and is good for a more subtle effect. Message me with any questions!


Block Print Options: 

Monarch Charity Print - This hand carved monarch butterfly represents cycles of transition and rebirth, reminding us to become the best version of ourselves. A portion of each monarch blockprint will be donated to Xerces Society for the research and preservation of invertebrates. Stamps carved by Earthshine


Ferns n Faes - The fae energy is strong this season and I was inspired to create this cutie fairy print surrounding by ferns. Stamps carved by Earthshine 


Dragonfly Meadow - An ode to my grandmother who taught me how to sew as a child and who's machines I still use to this day to create my heARTwork! This design features a large dragonfly in the center and is framed by smaller sun, moon and leaf details. Stamps carved by Kayja Arts


Celestial Sun - This watchful third eye sun offers guidance and love to help us achieve our highest self. This design features a large third eye sun in the center and is framed with smaller mushroom, moon and leaf details. Hand carved stamps by Earthshine and Kayja Arts


Standard Stamp x1 - Your choice of ONE standard stamp (A - F) from the blockprint chart shown in the photo above. Please specify placement of this stamp in the comments section during checkout!


Mini Stamp x1 - Your choice of ONE small / mini stamp (1 - 6) from the blockprint chart shown in the photo above. Please specify placement of this stamp in the comments section during checkout!



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  • With proper care and love, your garments are guaranteed to last for years! Please carefully follow the care instructions provided herein as I am not responsible for damage caused by incorrect garment care. 

    In order to maximize the lifespan of your items, hand washing with natural soap/detergent is highly recommended. If a washing machine must be used, please launder with like colors. Choose gentle cycle with cold water only. 

    All items are best dried by laying flat as hanging certain items may cause stretching. If a dryer must be used, please tumble dry with no/low heat for best results. Using heat in the dryer may cause superficial damage to the fabric over long term use and is not recommended. 

    Procion dyes are used to color all fabrics and minimal fading may occur after multiple washes. It is recommended to launder your item by itself during the first wash in case of color bleeding. 

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